In the Boudoir - An Autumn Mood-  October/November 2022

In the Boudoir - An Autumn Mood- October/November 2022

Hello and welcome to “In the Boudoir”, a dollhouse blog from Chantallena Doll House that focuses primarily on the love of a romantic bedroom.

Some of us love to decorate our dollhouses for the holidays and the seasons, just like our own homes. With the tempting and lovely hues of Fall, it is so easy to create a home that is so warm and inviting. Add to your dollhouse bedroom sanctuary some golden yellow, rich and rustic red, enriched brown and tan muslin, classic cream, soft white and dark orange.  These colors are lovely together in any season, but especially Autumn.

The right color scheme, as well as textures and warm layers of bedding, sets the mood for the whole bedroom. Add a cozy vintage chenille throw, fleece or cotton flannel blanket to the foot of the bed for a rich, layered look. We love romance, so add that knit or cotton ruffled throw and those extra pillows (various textures but complimentary hues) for a little feminine touch.

Romantic Tea-Dyed Ruffled Bed Throw 

Assorted Toss Pillows

Romantic Autumn Bedding Set

 Fall dollhouse bedding

Don’t forget the little touches that will compliment your Autumn dollhouse bedroom. Add miniature plants and fall foliage to the room. You can create miniature plants by cutting the leaves from silk flowers or plants. Very easy and quite affordable.  Include seasonal magazines, touches of vintage lace and romantic tea-dyed doilies.

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